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This blog provides a collection of information about aquascaping and its resources from many sources, including, but not limited to, books, other websites, other blogs articles, and forums. The purpose for this blog is to share my personal experience with certain aspects of aquascaping while, at the same time, organize most of aquascaping information shared from various sources into a single blog for ease of access of such information.

I certainly do not guarantee the completeness, accuracy, and reliability of the information collected in this blog. I also am not responsible for any physical damage, psychological damage, financial damage or any other negative consequences and events that is directly or indirectly caused by the information contained in this blog.

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Blog Structure

This blog is divided into 6 sections: Aquascaping basics, aquatic plants, fishes and invertebrates, aquascape gallery, personal journal, and general posts.

Aquascaping basics page includes everything we need to know about creating a good aquascape. This includes discussions about substrates, filters, hard materials, woods, lighting and other subjects that we can learn in order to create a beautiful and healthy aquascape.

Aquatic plants page includes profiles and discussions about specific plants. The profile includes instructions and parameters that is excellent for the specific plant to grow and thrive.

Fishes and invertebrates page discusses many different aquascaping fishes and invertebrates that can be used in an aquascape along with their profiles and requirements.

Aquascape gallery includes many different aquascapes from around the world, taken from aquascaping contests. The purpose of this page is for us to learn more about the layout of an aquascape and also for additional inspiration in case we run out of ideas in the future.

Aquascaping resources page is where I list books, product reviews, websites, and forums which I personally believe will improve aquascaping knowledge.

General posts page contains any other posts that are unrelated to the 5 categories mentioned above.

Welcome to Aquascapers

Greetings and welcome to Aquascapers,

I have been in the aquascaping hobby for approximately 2 years. This blog is designed to create a one-stop resource for every aquascapers out there. Hopefully, with every new post, there will be a question about aquascaping that is answered. I am certainly not an aquascaping guru. Some information that are written in this blog came from my own experience, but most of them will come from sources all over the world, i.e. from books, websites, forums and other people.

Aquascaping, according to my experience, is more of an art than science. Sometimes, what works for one aquarium does not work for other aquariums. This blog will explain the science part of aquascaping. The art part of aquascaping needs to be learned, felt and experienced personally by each individual aquascaper. Every aquascape is unique in its own way, but, according to my personal experience, the best aquascape is one that we can enjoy ourselves. Let our own taste be our judge.